During our pre-launch in the fall of 2015 we continued working with improvements on the FlowStainer together with our first installation sites. One improvement was increasing the speed of the instrument significantly, cutting throughput time with more than 50% on multiple sample procedures. This work is now finished and we are happy to say that we are ready to launch on a wider scale. 

So far, we have signed distribution agreements with partners taking care of sales and after-sales service in UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Labs in USA and Scandinavia are referred to contact InstruNor AS directly. 

The FlowStainer automates the complete sample preparation (blood and bone marrow) procedure before flow cytometry analysis including wash, stain and lyse. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the FlowStainer!

Welcome to InstruNor!

Fast Facts:

  • Capacity Up to 18 samples and 28 test tubes
  • Centrifuge Up to 1.600 rpm or 540 g
  • Cooling rack Up to 100 antibody positions at temperature of +3 - +8 °C
  • Reagent rack Five, two litre bottles for reagent or PBS use or similar
  • Staining Pipette single antibody or cocktails
  • Programmable Easy programming of protocols