The only completely automated solution for flow protocols offering an uninterrupted procedure including dispensing and washing blood, staining and lysing.

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“The best thing with the FlowStainer™ is that you just load it and press start. You can then concentrate on other tasks while the instrument handles the complete preparation process of your samples!”
- Hiep Phuc Dong, PhD, Senior Engineer, Dept. of Pathology, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Fast Facts:

  • Capacity Up to 18 samples and 28 test tubes
  • Centrifuge Up to 1.600 rpm or 540 g
  • Cooling rack Up to 100 antibody positions at temperature of +3 - +8 °C
  • Reagent rack Five, two litre bottles for reagent or PBS use or similar
  • Staining Pipette single antibody or cocktails
  • Programmable Easy programming of protocols