BREAKING NEWS! April 22, 2016

Today InstruNor was notified that the company will be awarded patent protection in the USA for the company’s unique sample prep technology.


Welcome to InstruNor, the home of the FlowStainer.

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The FlowStainer automates the complete sample preparation procedure (blood and bone marrow) before flow cytometry analysis including wash, stain and lyse. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the FlowStainer!

Welcome to InstruNor!

Fast Facts:

  • Capacity Up to 18 samples and 28 test tubes
  • Centrifuge Up to 1.600 rpm or 540 g
  • Cooling rack Up to 100 antibody positions at temperature of +3 - +8 °C
  • Reagent rack Five, two litre bottles for reagent or PBS use or similar
  • Staining Pipette single antibody or cocktails
  • Programmable Easy programming of protocols