Welcome to InstruNor, the home of the FlowStainer.

We had a chat recently with Conor Stanley at King’s College in London about the FlowStainer;

1. What types of tests and mixes are you using the FlowStainer for?

We currently use the FlowStainer for mixing and preparing our Chronic Lymphoid panels as well as our Plasma Cell panels.

2. How many runs do you do on the FlowStainer per day in average?

We average three to four runs a day and find the delayed start feature to be very helpful. It means that we can stain overnight and when we arrive in the morning we can acquire the samples immediately.

3. How much of your throughput would you say is run on the FlowStainer?

Typically this works out to be approximately 30% of our throughput with a view to expanding this further over the coming months.

4. Do you have any other comments about the FlowStainer?

The FlowStainer is highly customisable and the team at InstruNor have always been very helpful and responsive whenever we have had any queries.


FlowStainer posters;

Fast Facts:

  • Capacity Up to 18 samples and 28 test tubes
  • Centrifuge Up to 1.600 rpm or 540 g
  • Cooling rack Up to 100 antibody positions at temperature of +3 - +8 °C
  • Reagent rack Five, two litre bottles for reagent or PBS use or similar
  • Staining Pipette single antibody or cocktails
  • Programmable Easy programming of protocols