Welcome to InstruNor, the home of the FlowStainer.

All reagents onboard, a built-in centrifuge, a software allowing you to program your SOP’s the way that you are working on the bench.

The FlowStainer from InstruNor is being sold to routine and research labs on three different continents and our installations have been running thousands and thousands of tests and cocktail mixes since we launched last year.

We are grateful and humble by our success, and will continue offering the only instrument in the market that offers a A-Z preparation solution for flow labs.

Welcome to InstruNor!

FlowStainer posters;

Fast Facts:

  • Capacity Up to 18 samples and 28 test tubes
  • Centrifuge Up to 1.600 rpm or 540 g
  • Cooling rack Up to 100 antibody positions at temperature of +3 - +8 °C
  • Reagent rack Five, two litre bottles for reagent or PBS use or similar
  • Staining Pipette single antibody or cocktails
  • Programmable Easy programming of protocols