The FlowStainer™ offers three stations for holding antibodies and other reagents at correct storage environment.

i) The cooling rack with one hundred 4,5 ml positions, keeping the temperature at +3 - +8 °C at all time, can hold antibodies, premade cocktails, cocktails mixed in the FlowStainer™, intracellular permeabilization buffer, cell fix, diluent and other liquids.
ii) The bottle rack including five, two liter bottles for cell wash, PBS, Lysing solution, distilled water and instrument cleaning solution.
iii) The PBS heater station where 2 x 4,5 ml liquid can be kept at 37 °C used for incubation in body like temperature.

The FlowStainer™ pipettes antibodies down to two microlitres in volume. This making it possible to handle complex pathology protocols without overconsumption on antibodies. In fact, the FlowStainer™ keeps track on antibody use, and track volumes left in the instrument in order to be able to run protocols as programmed. If a antibody will run out during a protocol, the software alert the user and asks for refill. The state-of-the-art software also keeps track on antibody expiry date, cost of use and LOT number in order to help the lab to perform the best possible process in forfront of analysis.