Exhibition season 2019

InstruNor will exhibit at the 2019 ESCCA in Bergen, Norway in September. Welcome to visit us!

The FlowStainer® has made its way into mass cytometry.

A renowned research lab in UK has tested out the newly developed FlowStainer version for mass cytometry. We are happy to see that the FlowStainer platform has multiple applications.

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Quote on the FlowStainer®

“The best thing with the FlowStainer® is that you just load it and press start. You can then concentrate on other tasks while the instrument handles the complete preparation process of your samples!”

- Hiep Phuc Dong, PhD, Senior Engineer, Dept. of Pathology, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

FlowStainer® instruments sold to labs on three continents! Follow our success!

FlowStainer®, the only instrument in the world that can automate the manual preparation procedure within flow including wash, staining and lysing without interruption, and showing reproducible results compared to manual handling, is a success! We have now sold and installed instruments on three different continents and in seven different countries!